The Last Laugh is a laugh-out-loud social party game that interrupts your day-to-day monotony and gets you rolling on the floor laughing like you’ve never laughed before. Move your game piece along the board and perform the corresponding activities on the game cards. Watch as fellow players make complete fools of themselves as they carry out outrageous feats. The catch: you’re not allowed to laugh. Sounds simple? It’s not! Turns out that not being able to laugh makes you want to laugh even more.


Make the other players laugh and be the player with the most laugh coins at the end of the game.




Place the game board in the middle of the table. Shuffle the deck of cards and place them in a single stack in the middle of the board, face down. Each player chooses a game piece and places it on any space on the board. Players decide on how many rounds they’ll play. Distribute laugh coins equally to each player, as follows:


It is highly recommended to place a grand prize, such as a mammoth-sized chocolate bar, in the center of the board next to the stack of cards before starting the game.


The Last Laugh incorporates common household items as game props. To make the game more efficient, gather the following items before you start playing: Food and Drink: apples, banana, can of tuna, carrot, piece of cereal, eggs, flour, ice cubes, jelly beans, lemon, milk, peanut butter, potato chips, salty cracker, and water Office Supplies: paper, paper clip, pencils, pens, rubber band, and tape Bed and Bath: band-aids, bar of soap, towels, pillows and cases, sheet, tissues, toilet paper, toilet paper tube, and toothpaste Kitchen Supplies: bag, bowl, broom, bucket, drinking glasses, garbage can, saran wrap, spoons, tinfoil, and toothpick Miscellaneous: balloons, basketball, blindfold, books, coins, marble, shoelace, and t-shirts


The oldest player recites the game oath for everyone (no lying about your age, please). It is forbidden to cross your fingers behind your back during the recitation of the oath.

Oath: We, _________ (list players’ names) hereby solemnly affirm to play The Last Laugh without displaying any anxiety, self-doubt, insecurity, or inhibition. We acknowledge that it is incumbent upon players to be ridiculous, outrageous, whacky, zany and unpredictable while performing the activities on the cards and agree to do whatever is necessary, whether reasonable or otherwise, to keep our opponents in stitches. May laughter reign forever, Amen.


Each player rolls the die. The player who rolls the lowest number goes first and game play proceeds clockwise. On your turn, roll the die and move your game piece that number of spaces clockwise. After moving your game piece, take the top card from the stack. Each card has six color-coded categories. Read out loud the activity that corresponds to the color of the space on which your game piece landed, and perform the activity. When you are finished performing the activity, return the card, face down, to the bottom of the stack.




You are allowed to laugh during your turn, while reading and performing the activity on the card. If you make another player laugh, that player must give you a laugh coin. If more than one player laughs, each must give you a laugh coin. On the other players’ turns, they are going to do nothing short of embarrassing themselves to get you to laugh. If you laugh, you forfeit one of your laugh coins to the player who made you laugh. You are allowed (and encouraged) to make other players laugh even when it’s not your turn. If a number of players make someone laugh, the “laugher” then decides who made them laugh and forfeits a laugh coin to that player. Running Out of Laugh Coins: If you run out of coins, there is still some (not much) hope. You can restock with five laugh coins either by (a) sitting under the playing table for a round, or by (b) putting your head under running water for 10 seconds and coming back to the playing area without drying your hair. You can restock with laugh coins by doing both (a) and (b) only once during a game.


Players are not allowed to cover their mouths to stop from laughing during the game. Players must safeguard each other from any possible physical harm or verbal abuse. In other words, you are here to laugh and have fun, not to hurt each other.


The game is officially over when (a) two players have no laugh coins left, or (b) you have completed the number of rounds you decided on. The player with the most laugh coins at the end of the game is the winner. The winner gets to eat the grand prize in front of the other payers while making scrumptious-sounding noises. The winner is exempt from helping to put away the game or cleaning up the mess made while playing. Note: At any time players may decide to continue the game for additional rounds .